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Expedite Wound Closure With


Amniotic TISSUE

Use as protective wound barrier to providing an antimicrobial,
growth factor rich healing environment
Promotes native tissue repair by minimizing fibrosis, reducing inflammation,
and maximizing patient comfort

Wound Care

Expedite wound closure between 4-6 weeks on average.

Natural Biosynthetic Products

Treatment of Diabetic Ulcers, Venous Stasis Ulcer, Pressure Sores, Trauma Wounds and Burns

Expedited Wound Closure for Pain Reduction and Infection Control

Wound Care Treatment

A potential alternative to leg amputation, healing with native tissue and less scarring

Non-healing ulcer
Throughout treatment

Diabetic foot ulcer patients are twice as costly to US Medicare as those with diabetes alone.

The average cost of wound care is 10,000 - 20,000.

The average cost to lower limb amputation is 73,000 - 120,000.

X wrap Dermacyte

A Powerful Regenerative Wound Matrix to Support Acute and Chronic Wound Closure

DermacyteTM products are derived from human postpartum amniotic tissues that have been processed to retain native extracellular matrix cytokines, growth factors, and collagen to support tissue remolding, improving patient outcomes and treatment comfort and are offered in a Liquid and Matrix form.

Easy to Use

Ready for Application

  • Dehydrated for easy application with no refrigeration

  • No preparation time required for thawing or soaking reducing operative time

Easy to Handle

  • Conforms to wound bed and naturally hydrates in place

  • Superior handling and optimal bioabsorption properties

Improved Patient Experience

Use as protective wound barrier to provide an antimicrobial, growth factor rich healing environment

Layers of human skin-01.png

Promotes native tissue repair by minimizing fibrosis, reducing inflammation, and maximizing patient comfort

Simple Wound Monitoring

Routine dressing changes, wound cleansing, and Dermacyte reapplication allows for easy assessment of wound closure.

Committed to Patient Safety

  • All tissues are recovered and processed by a U.S. FDA registered and AATB accredited tissue bank

  • A Licensed Medical Director confirms product eligibility through donor screening and testing records, and final culturing and sterility testing is confirmed prior to lot release

Clinical Applications

Dermacyte products are versatile coverings and void fillers that may be applied to various hard-to-heal wounds, including:

•  Diabetic foot ulcers

•  Venous stasis ulcers

•  Burns

•  Decubitus / Pressure Ulcers

•  Surgical incisions

•  Other dermal defects and wounds


A Unique Bioactive Wound Covering


The special structure and biological viability of amniotic membrane is ideal in tissue engineering. The extracellular matrix components of the basement membrane creates a natural scaffold for cell attachment.  1



Amniotic tissue is rich in cytokines, growth factors, and stem cells that play a role in improved healing and regeneration and decreased immunogenicity. 2



Sufficient cues to allow for cell attachment and proliferation are properties of dehydrated amnion. Soluble factors secreted by human dermal fibroblasts cultured on amnion enhanced both endothelial cell and keratino- cyte survival and endothelial cell migration in a wound closure assay.  3

Wound Care
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